Go Geek – for free!

Hardware and software, it’s what us geeks eat for breakfast. The older the hardware, the more geeky it is for us to collect and horde in case one day the internet is destroyed and online life will once again exist only over a 9600bps modem.

Picking up and old Sinclair ZX Spectrum for a low price at a local car boot sale is really something to blog about, but getting this stuff for free is even better!

Enter Freecycle.org. This network of Yahoo Groups based forums exist for people to make postings to get rid of their stuff – but it has to be for free! No money is allowed to change hands and items have to be picked up personally. Most of the items on there consist of people offering up old furniture, clothing and knick-nacks but there can also be lots of geeky items on there up for grabs. And the best bit is that there is usually a Freecycle group just for your area/city so you don’t need to travel far on your Segway to pick it up!

I have seen many geeky items on my local Freecycle list and I choose to subscribe to the messages by email, so I often get 30 messages a day from the group that are rubbish but you will often strike gold and get a real geeky special! I have seen the following “Geeks Gold” items advertised on my local list:

  • 21″ CRT Monitors
  • Whole PCs
  • Colour and Laser Printers
  • Consoles and games
  • Synthesizers
  • Cables/leads
  • Networking equipment
  • Computing Magazines/manuals/books

I personally have used the service to get rid of an old cooker that had been sitting in my back yard for nearly a year but last week I picked up an old purple iMac for my son! It came complete with OS X installed to a 6gb hard disk and was missing the USB mouse, keyboard and AirPort card – but it works and it’s in perfect condition too.
And the best bit….it was totally 100% free!

Go forth… Freecycle and geek!

3 thoughts on “Go Geek – for free!”

  1. Thanks for this entry. I’ve heard some about freecycle, but never read anything from anyone who’s used it. I should try it myself, I guess. It certainly sounds like a frugal approach to getting stuff!

  2. We have a freecycle here in Madison. Luckily our group uses Yahoo groups, so there’s a digest form that only goes out a few times a day. I find great computers everyday, but I try to leave them for the people that reallly need them. I’m hedging all my karma on a C64 with monochrome screen.

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