Triple-boot Macbook Pro: OSX Leopard, Vista 64-bit and Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit

I’ve just verified that this procedure works.  It was created through the combination of a few threads out there on the topic that were missing pieces of the puzzle in one way or another.

This procedure will set up your Macbook Pro in such a way that a menu will appear on boot that will require the selection of Mac OS (tested with 10.5.3), Windows (tested with Vista 64-bit), or Linux (tested with Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit – Alternate Install CD). This procedure assumes that you want the drive divided evenly between all operating systems, and can take up to 5 hours to complete, not including burning OS install disks. Most of this time will be spent waiting for progress bars, and the laptop will be unusable for work.  (So you can plan accordingly)

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Repairing GRUB after imaging Ubuntu with Symantec Ghost

The GRUB bootloader sometimes doesn’t survive imaging with Symantec Ghost.

After applying an image of Ubuntu Linux to a target machine, GRUB may need to be repaired before the machine will boot properly. To repair GRUB, do the following:

  1. Load the Live CD, boot from it until you reach the desktop.
  2. Open a terminal window.
  3. Type “sudo grub”
  4. Type “root (hd0,0)”, or whatever your harddisk + boot partition numbers are.
  5. You can easily look up the boot partition for the version of Ubuntu on the hard drive by browsing to the hard disk from the LiveCD desktop.
  6. Open /boot/grub/menu.lst in a text editor.Scroll to the bottom and look up which partition the menu choice for Ubuntu points to. (hd0,0 by default)
  7. Type “setup (hd0)”, or whatever your harddisk number is.
  8. Quit grub by typing “quit”.
  9. Reboot the machine.

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Scientists discover mechanism to store light

Physicists at the Bhavnagar University in Gujarat, India, have discovered a way to trap, store, and release laser light in a fluid on command.  The fluid operates at room temperature, and is controlled with magnetic fields.

[The scientists] coated micron-size magnetite spheres with oleic acid and dispersed them through a ferrofluid, which is a suspension of much smaller magnetic nanoparticles (in this case held in kerosene). When an external magnetic field was applied to the fluid, which was held in a glass cell, laser light passing through the medium was trapped inside. Photons escaped when the field was switched off.

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Toshiba battery charges in minutes, lasts 10 years.

SCiB” touted to be safer than today’s Lithium Ion, lasts 10 years, charges in minutes (@ up to 50 amps).

1/3 pound (150 gram) cell is
– the size of a mobile phone
– provides 4.2 aH @ 2.4 volts. (devices)

4.4 pound (2 kg) cell is
– the size of a small paperback novel
– provides 42 aH @ 24 volts. (vehicles)

If they are able to deliver in mass production at a profit, this could be a major new development in both transportation and electronic devices.

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Fixing grub for dual-boot after 7.10 upgrade

  ubuntu.pngAfter I upgraded my dual-boot laptop’s Ubuntu from 7.04 to 7.10, I’ve noticed that the upgrade overwrote my GRUB settings, so when I boot my machine, I no longer have a choice for booting into WinXP. I know the partition is still there, because Ubuntu 7.10 comes with NTFS read/write capability, and automatically shows a ‘Windows XP’ drive in my devices.

So how do I restore my pretty GRUB menu, and give myself the option to boot into either WinXP or Ubuntu 7.10? Every once in a while, I have to write an install script for a Windows app, so I do need to set this up…

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Ubuntu better than ever

I switched to Ubuntu about 8 months ago or so, and really started using it full-time about 6 months ago. As the sole IT person for an organization of 1200 users, 420+ WinXP machines, and three server centers, I can easily say that administrating everything out of 7.04 has been a breeze. I’ve been reading up on 7.10, and can say that Ubuntu is easily rivalling Windows and OSX in terms of average-user functionality.

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TiVo adds advanced search to WishLists

tivo-1.jpgThis is great – for those of you who have had the life-changing experience of owning a TiVo, things just got a lot better. TiVo has added bolean search to their wishlist management.

What this means is that while in the past, you were stuck choosing either to record:

  • Any show named ‘Mythbusters’, or
  • Any showing that listed ‘Adam Savage’, or
  • Any showing that listed ‘Jaime Hyneman’, or
  • Any showing on channel 48 at 9pm…
  • (etc)

You can now use AND, OR or XOR…which TiVo calls ‘This and that’, ‘This or that’, and ‘This but not that’. So if you’re a big fan of the Mythbusters, and want to see where they pop up elsewhere other than on the show, you can record Mythbusters Wednesday nights, but you can also make a WishList to record shows where the title has the keywords ‘Jaime Hyneman’ AND ‘Adam Savage’.

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